Modern Building


Investment Philosophy 

Vision Properties subscribes to a process-based investment philosophy with a strict adherence to its core principals of stewardship, entrepreneurship, and responsibility. The process includes building an investor relationship and establishing an alignment of goals, sourcing opportunities that fit investor criteria, build a business plan to execute the investment strategy, and finally, to meticulously execute the business plan. Like the financial and investment environment, the process itself is dynamic to its core, and relies heavily on Vision’s diligent management throughout.

Investment Criteria

Each investor is unique, as is their investment criteria. Vision’s flexible platform enables it to conform and change to best meet each investor’s goals and needs.

  • Opportunistic

    Opportunistic opportunities are best suited for investors with a higher appetite for risk and return. These opportunities are characterized by fundamental

    re-positioning or change of a land or asset’s existing use and/or tenant base.

  • Value Add

    Opportunities characterized by quality assets that have otherwise underperformed due to mismanagement and/or lack of capital improvement. These opportunities offer higher returns than stabilized assets but require more capital investment and sophisticated business planning.

  • Core / Core Plus

    Assets that have historically performed well and require little upfront capital improvement. These assets are characterized with the least amount of risk but still require diligent management to maintain and improve on their current performance.